Terms and Conditions

1.0      DUTY OF CARE

1.1      The Consultant shall exercise reasonable skill and care in conformity with the normal standards of our profession in performing the Services defined in the Client Agreement and discharging all our obligations.

2.0       FEES

2.1       The Client will pay the Consultant the fee and expenses set out in the Client Agreement.

2.2.      Unless otherwise agreed, invoices will be submitted monthly or, if appropriate, a programme of instalments shall be drawn up.  Instalments may not necessarily reflect the progress of our works and, in such cases, payment shall be made in accordance with Clause 9.0 thereunder if suspension or termination occurs.

2.3       Payments are due within 21 days of the date of the invoice and the Consultant reserves the right to cease work on the project if fees are not paid by the due date.

2.4       Interest is payable on all outstanding amounts at the rate of statutory interest applicable on the payment due date,

8% above the Bank of England base rate. Interest is chargeable from the due date for payment accruing on a daily basis up to the date of receipt of cleared funds.

2.5       The Consultant reserves the right to cease work in the case of breach of contract or the non-payment of fees.

3.0       EXPENSES

3.1       Out of pocket expenses include the cost of hotel charges and travelling expenses within the United Kingdom, but exclude postage, telephone, internet and fax charges and various minor items, which are included in our fee.

3.2       Disbursements to be charged additionally include such items as:

3.2.1        Drawings and documents required by agents, funds or third parties with an interest in the development.

3.2.2        Colour prints and drawings. (A1 Prints and emailed pdf drawings issued at £5 each).

3.2.3        Physical models.

3.2.4        Site surveys, structural investigations and load tests (unless otherwise agreed).

3.2.5        Fees for specialist professional advice not covered by the Client Agreement.

3.2.6        All costs relating to the engagement and payment of resident site staff.

3.2.7        Special reports and photographs for publicity or progress records.

3.2.8        Letting specification, drawings, brochures.

3.2.9        Planning and Building Control Submission fees.

3.2.10     Courier charges.